Monday, June 30, 2014

Journey Through Genius (exemplar)

So I've decided to take your idea of making this quote into a poster and run with it a little bit.  I think it would be cool to sort of get this going in the math department of Grand Valley.  Not just to show a guy hulking out at a gym (as pretty darn cool/hilarious that it is), but to sort of let students playfully display their favorite type of mathematics.  Maybe the professors could even put their favorite type of math or proof or equation on their doors?! That might be a little too much, but I really liked thinking through this idea a little more.  It took me a little while to find a picture that I thought would work well for this quote and then it took me even more of a little bit to figure out how to make this without photoshop installed on my computer.  I really like creating and drawing and art in general, whether it's designing a simple poster, drawing an info-graphic about Euler, or doing something a bit more serious, I wanted to make my interests more a part of my efforts in this class. So here you have it! The hulking man and the quote! The guy even has a nose bleed... golly.  Anyhow here's an example of my favorite math with the quote!

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